Naturopathica FBX Fat Absorber

Naturopathica FBX Fat Absorber helps reduce dietary fat absorption and aids elimination of dietary fat.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use

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Specially formulated with key active LitramineĀ®, a plant sourced super-fibre from Prickly Pear, Naturopathica FBX Fat Absorber can help reduce dietary fat absorption as it travels through the digestive system and helps eliminate dietary fat from the body.

Litramine 600125 Opuntia ficus-indica (PI 110025) 500 mg
Component: Opuntia ficus-indica leaf dry 300 mg
Equivalent: Opuntia ficus-indica fresh 5500 mg
Adults only: Take 2 tablets with meals 3 times a day.
Maximum daily intake is 6 tablets.